My Shrunken Boyfriend is Missing

5:43 video

So a few days ago my boyfriend, who has seen my giantess videos but is not into giantess fetish, wanted to try being shrunk by me. The idea of having total control over my shrunken boyfriend made me very happy so of course I agreed! He is my boyfriend so I took it easy on him, I was gentle and sweet and even gave him a nice, spacious cage to XXXX in each night he was tiny, but apparently he wasn't happy with that because he got out and disappeared last night! I was going to unshrink him soon, but now I have to find him first. I call my girlfriend and tell her about everything and ask her to come over and help me find him. Of course, the more I talk to her about it all the more annoyed I get that he actually ran away from me! He had better hope I find him soon, before he accidentally gets squished!

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