• Travel (January 20, 2019)

    Lots of travel coming up! VEGAS -AVN next week Book now if you want a session or custom clip

  • About Me (May 2, 2018)

    Hello My name is Madam RavenRae. I am a full time fetish content producer and foot fetishist. Versed in the art of BDSM I love watching my real time sessions enjoy themselves while diving into their own psychological game ending in an emotional release to give yin to a daily yang. Sometimes a really good session makes me wet and that brings out such a devious side of me... My personal fetish is voyeurism, edge and sensation play. I adore watching a new subject enjoy their new found fetish whilst I am the conduit for their mental peace. Nothing is more sexy then an intelligent submissive who retains directions, gives full submission with no sense of self and does anything to please their mistress. Foot Fetish is how I control you, to me feet are the lowest form of worship I will allow, while I humiliate your best cleaning efforts for my sinful amusement. IF I find your service worthy of enjoyment I will let you know and tell you how to please me, but only through my feet or your wallet! Do NOT come to a Goddess empty handed. Come as you would a queen to whom you beg life and ask for acceptance for. By doing this you show dedication, loyalty and respect for her prestigious title and royal position. Come with all you have and hope it is enough to please and been seen by her highness. If your mentality is anything less than this we may not have the session intended... Sex is primal. It is the reason we do everything, we are made to procreate. Sex is the reason we attract certain people or dress the way we do, speak the way we do or act how we do. When you meet someone you think; Yes I want to sleep with them, so I will act this way. Or No, I will never sleep with them so I will act this other way. Either way you are making a choice on how you present yourself by how you want the other person to view you. Either sexual or non sexual. If we are not happy sexually, that come out in minor frustrations and irritation along with high stress levels. It affects our every day interaction with people. Having a sexual release is the mental yin/yang of the brain. Role playing, kink, BDSM, SnM, are all yin/yang of sex. Life is about balance. Balancing ego, self, masculine, feminine, work, play, alcohol and water. (Body PH). Without being well rounded and happy your life will be in upheaval with your daily interactions. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, "Wow, why did I just say it like it, that's not me?!" ? If your head is not balanced and in a good place then it is hard to physically be in a better place. Honesty, through self exploration is so important for self development no matter if your recognize you are a submissive or a dominant or perhaps even someone who can switch between the two. How you self identify comes with being one hundred percent honest with yourself and your partner/lover. Dishonesty in order to fulfill your fetish is unhealthy. If your partner doesn't know what you are into you are doing an injustice to your lover by not allowing them to experience your fun with you. When two people have honesty communication understanding and trust then just about anything is possible. I personally love to hep couples! I love to help women become more dominant and males give into their submissive sides. helping reverse roles and break down social constructs is a life game and mission! I love what I do, I am naturally a Female Dominant Pansexual, while being sapiosexual, in monogamous relationships open to Foot, Giantess, Knife/BDSM, Food, and Role play. However, sexuality is based on a continuum and as I keep learning about myself and about the world around me, my interests may change, and evolve. As I believe that you do not die with the same knowledge that you are born with, nor do you die with the same sexual interests you innately have. Therefore the more you learn and grow so does your sexuality. Please be open to your own possibilities. You are stronger than you think, it takes courage even to be a submissive and break social, religious and societal constructs, so for those of you who give it, I applaud and thank you. If you have more questions or would like to know more Please stay tuned, much more is to come. Thanks for reading and remember...Don't get curious...LOL -Madam RavenRae

  • To book a session: (August 27, 2016)

    Please list in detail (if you haven't already) the session you're requesting along with your list of do's & don'ts. <--very important--
    *Same day session requests are seldom so list a FEW alternate and times pls
    ▪1-2 days and times▪
    -AFTER DAY AND TIME, & SESSION DETAILS are agreed on, place your BOOKING FEE by sending a NON-refundable $50 to my 
    •Google wallet account via email or 
    •Square Cash at$SexiRavenRae 
    to hold your appointment time.-BOOKING FEE IS NOT PART OF SESSION RATE! (This is to hold that hour or longer for you so I do not book a higher paying session... for both our piece of minds)
    ☆Along with a phone number to text if possible.
    Travel outside of my area is an additional  $20 travel fee.

    General session rates & info listed here, however each session is subject to its own pricing READ CAREFULLY::::::!info/c161y
    For more photos see social media with my handle @SexiRavenRae

    Email me in full with what you are requesting. No BS, 18+, no solicitation of prostitution, Femdom services only!
    ☆Email is not a text message service! After 5 emails and nothing is booked I will ignore you until I get a deposit. Please email wisely, if after 10 emails and nothing booked,  you will forever be filtered to spam.
    Thank you

    P.S: IF you NEED to speak on the phone, my niteflirt number is 1-800-To-Flirt ext: 10577833
    Madam RavenRae
    Fetish Model & Starlet
    FetLife: SexiRavenRae

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  • July August September Travel Schedule (July 3, 2016)

    Chicago           Jul 5-10          Exotica

    Dallas              Jul 20-24

    LA                    Jul 25-31        LA Footnight International July 28 also HOURS AT HOME 

    Madam RavenRae

    Portland         Aug 6-9

    St. Pete FL      Aug 10-17      FetCon

    OH or NC        Aug 24-30

    Scottsdale       Sept  9-11      JetSet Model Awards

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  • Travel Schedule (June 9, 2016)

    Nyc June 20-25

    Chicago July 5-10

    Dallas July 20-24

    Portland August 4-9

    Florida August 10-16

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  • Custom Clip Request (June 6, 2016)

    •Custom Clips start at $10/min with a minimum of 10 mins for fully clothed content.
    The price does go up from there depending on content. ;)

    •You are allowed to submit a script with one (1) script revision within 48 hours ONLY

    • If you require any special props, utensils, or tools of any kind please be prepared to include the price of those items in the final cost, if not readily available.

    •Filming duration starts the day payment for the clip in rendered in Full. Turn around
    time is UP TO 14 business days. (Please check for future travel dates and I don't work on the weekends... sorry, not sorry:)

    Payment is preferred through Google Wallet or Venmo. Other options possible through clips4sal. (Add 30% for processing if through c4s)
    I can have a slave accept PayPal for me with certain stipulations. (Add 5% for processing if with PayPal with no notes)

    Please let me know how long (duration) you want your clip to be and the script if any. (If memorization of a script is required add $50 for the time to do so)
    As soon as payment is made in full production will commence.


    •~•~•~•~•~•|nails & other info|•~•~•~•~•~•

    >Pedicures are $70 every two weeks. If you tribute $70 you get 10 custom photos of the pedicure of your choice

    >Manicures are $40 every two weeks. If you tribute $40 you get 10 custom photos of the pedicure of your choice

    $100 you get a custom and no choice on nails whatsoever

    $160 * Deal
    You pick the pedicure & get a 10 min custom clip

    $175*Best Deal 
    You pick the manicure and Pedicure + a 10 min custom clip

    •To have a male slave with a stationary camera add $50 to your total.
    If you request a cameraman & a male slave add $100
    •Female slaves add $75
     • Anything sexual either either male or female add $100 on top of set rates

    ★ If you have a detailed script with many cut scenes, extended editing needed, special effects of any kind (TBA), or you require memorization of exact words in an exact script verbatim: add $50-75 depending on content

    » If traveling I require at least a 21 Business day turn around time instead of 14.

    Requesting a particular outfit? Let me know ahead of time!

    *** If you do not want me to resell the clip on my website and you want an EXCLUSIVE custom clip then all the prices are doubled***

    MUST BE 18 years of age or older to order
    MUST pay in advanced
    DO NOT email me to find out what the status is I will NOT answer it. 
    DO NOT negotiate with me or ask for a discount 
    DO NOT ask me to do something I have already said no to or that I do not film


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