Giantess Roommate Crush GoPro HD WMV

8 photos; 12:14 video

"Hello?" Madam RavenRae yells out as she gets home to get ready to go out for the night. "Is anyone home? Roomy, you home?" She looks around to see where her roommate is home. Since she doesn't see him she goes ahead and starts changing in the living room, they have a mirror in there. She strips off her clothes to put on her new skirt and a bad ass little top to go with it, when she disturbingly notices she has dry skin on her legs. Since she knows how good her legs look all oiled up she grabs her vitamin E oil to rub all over her legs...but she isn't alone. Her shrunken roommate was there the entire time! He has always wanted this view of her, his goddess he secretly had a crush on. She is standing over him unknowingly, changing, and he can get a spectacular view of her perfect ass and long legs. Entranced he just stares up so excited he could explode, until she spots him! Oh no, his little life is in her hands now as she teases him with the possibility of biting him in half. But she decides to do what she wants, so she sets him down, relived the tiny roommate breaths a sigh of relief. However, he never even expected that his crush would crush him! GoPro HD WMV

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