It's Dangerous to be my foot slave HD WMV

42 photos; 12:02 video

Come closer loser, I know you can't help yourself. You love how my feet smell and taste, I am watching you and you haven't taken your eyes off of them, or me for that matter. Oh, you want to be MY foot slave? That's so dangerous! Being my foot slave can be hazardous to your health. My feet get super sweaty and smelly, especially after a hockey game. Maybe I'll leave my socks on all week from my last game and make you clean my soles. But even that wont be enough for you. You will want to taste not only my feet but my soft succulent lips... It always happens, so this time I'll be nice. I will spit on my feet so you can taste all of me because that is as close to my lips as you will ever get! So enjoy my saliva covered soles while you dream of more. I want to see how much that means to you so on the count of 10 I want you to cum for my feet. This is just a teaser for you to stroke your cock to and be able to explode all over my toes. You want me... I mean my feet? WELL GET YOUR FACE OVER HERE! HD WMV

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